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The Putting Plates are used by Xander Schauffele, and numerous highly ranked tour players. They are popular in pre-competition warm up routines, as well as day-to-day practice. They are utilized by players at all levels around the world.


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Putting is more than just anticipating where and how the ball will roll based on the slope and speed of the greens. A competent putting game involves green reading, ball start line, putter path and putter face at impact, and speed; all of which determine whether a putt will be made or missed.

Unfortunately, determining which or which combination of these factors is the cause of a missed putt is a challenge unto itself.

There is often a real disconnect between what a player believes they are doing and what they are actually doing when putting. In fact, it is possible for players to have an incorrect read, and yet make a putt because they compensate for the missed read by subconsciously opening or closing the putter face at impact. So to simply rely on a made or missed putt, is not enough.

The Putting Plates™ assist golfers of all abilities in determining what aspects of their putting game needs improvement, whether the challenge is green reading, putter path/face at impact, ball starting line or speed (or all of the above).

When using for practice, The Putting Plates provide instant feedback in all of these areas, while also illustrating how these fundamentals work together. Through proper and continued practice, The Putting Plates train golfers to respond to the feedback given, and to actually make those corrections, thereby improving their putting.

The Putting Plates will help you become a better putter.


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Derek Uyeda, PGA

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Derek Uyeda, Founder and PGA Professional, has dedicated his entire 30 year coaching career to mastering the art and science of putting. His tour-proven methods work

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